What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that aims to realign the muscle fibres and connective tissue while flushing away the toxins.
Regular sessions will increase joint mobility, flexibility and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Physical effects and benefits 
  • Greater overall flexibility and ROM

  • Increased tissues permeability

  • Improved micro blood flow

  • Break down scar tissue

  • Improve recovery and rehabilitation from sport related injury

  • Improve performance in training and competition

Physiological benefits 
  • Vasodilation - allowing fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to the body

  • Stimulates the release of endorphin's

  • Increase relaxation

  • Pain reduction

  • Mitochondrial development, which is the power station for muscle

Psychological effects and benefits
  • Improved relaxation

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Mentally prepared for an event

  • Relieve stress